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Release time:2023-12-28

Mechanical Engineer (Guangzhou Company)


No limit

1-3 years

Guangdong Province · Shenzhen · Pingshan District

Job Description:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Carry out equipment plan design and equipment structure design according to requirements;

3. The 2D drawing, assembly drawing and parts drawing of the equipment, and the 3D drawing is given priority;

4. Follow up the processing and production of equipment and purchase of related materials;

5. Responsible for the filing and standardization of design drawings; project evaluation, scheme design, document management;

6. Responsible for equipment upgrade and related installation instructions, preparation of operating instructions, etc.;

7. Follow up the project, guide assembly and commissioning, equipment optimization and post-maintenance support;

8. Work plan formulation and progress report submission and reporting;

job requirements:

1. Major in mechanical design, mechatronics, automation, college degree or above;

2.5 years and above non-standard equipment design experience, able to independently design various coating lines, electrophoresis plating lines, and enamel lines;

3. Proficiency in using various tools such as Office, autoCAD, Soliworks, etc.;

4. Proficient in machining process, sheet metal process, metal material and heat treatment, non-metal material characteristics and application;

5. Proficient in standard applications of various institutions such as bearings, screw rods, linear slides, pulleys, etc.;

6. Understand various sensors and applications, stepping, servo selection applications;

7. Familiar with the national standards of mechanical drawing, the drawings are clear and clear; familiar with various tolerances and the use of geometric tolerances;

Contact: Mr. Gan 13823532578