Dust-free Bumper Spray Coating

Dust-free Bumper Spray Coating
  • Dust-free Bumper Spray Coating

Dust-free Bumper Spray Coating

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Dust-free Bumper Spray Coating

Spray Coating

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Common Plastic Spray Coating Process:

1. Prepare materials;

2. Dust removal: Remove dust on to-be-sprayed plastic parts;

3. Load: Hang to-be-sprayed plastic parts on a spray stand;

4. Surface cleaning: Mainly clean oil stains or fingerprints left on the parts;

5. Manual dust removal: Clean dust and oil stains on the surface once more;

6. Automatic dust removal: Carry out dust removal for surfaces of parts with an electrostatic gun or electrostatic brush, preparing for dustfree operations later;

7. Undercoat spray: Spray undercoat on the surface of plastic part, with eight guns having bore diameter of 1.1 working at the same time;

8. Baking: bake undercoat for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 55-65ºC;

9. Finish spray: Spray finish immediately after baking;

10. Infrared baking: Bake for about 5 minutes at a temperature of 45-50ºC;

11. Baking by UV oven: with energy of 5000 mj/cm2;

12. Baking III: It is unnecessary for parts passing through UV oven, but necessary for PU not getting through UV oven for about 20 minutes;

13. Unload: Take plastic parts away from the spray stand;

14. FQC full inspection: For appearance full inspection on spray effect in FQC;

15. Packaging;

16. OQC casual inspection;

17. Storage.

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