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Spray System
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Spray System


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Spray System

Pretreatment Equipment

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Phosphating Cleaning Preprocessing Line, Spray Cleaning Line, Surface Processing Line before Spray, Processing before Degreasing and Derusting

Working Principle:Automatic spray preprocessing section includes a spray box, a liquid tank, a feed liquid pump system, a spray system, an exhaust system and a control system. During operation, liquid in the liquid tank is used to treat surface of the product under certain pressure in a form of fan-shaped liquid mist under the effect of spray system after passing through the feed liquid pump system, when liquid mist formed by collision of liquid with surface is exhausted outside by the exhaust system in order to keep a good work environment.

1. Clean water is fed into clip-clasp nozzles by a piping centrifugal pump, and then is sprayed out in a fan-shaped way under certain pressure. The spray angle is freely adjustable, and the cleaning effect is good.

2. A stainless steel drive wire net is anticorrosive, and a variable frequency motor for speed control is stable.

3. Sliding doors arranged at two sides provide convenience for cleaning, and are embedded with organic glass for observation.

4. An external axial-flow fan on the back can exhaust water mist in flushing outside.

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