Auto-jacking Tunnel Kiln

Auto-jacking Tunnel Kiln
  • Auto-jacking Tunnel Kiln

Auto-jacking Tunnel Kiln


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Auto-jacking Tunnel Kiln

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Working principle of hot air circulating oven :

Hot air circulating oven fan circulating air ways, uniform and efficient wind cycle. The source by circulating air motor (non-contact switching) led wind via the heater, and the hot air out, then through ducts to the hot air circulating oven Interior, and air intake ducts become the source of recycled after use, heating use. Ensuring uniformity of temperature. Occurs when the temperature value due to the door when you swing, rapid air circulation system recovery operation status, until it reaches the set temperature value.


Hot air circulation oven features:

1, the hot air inside the oven cycle, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation.

2, the use of forced ventilation, oven with air duct, heat cycle, heat evenly baked items.

3, hot air circulation oven smooth.

4, a wide scope of hot air circulating oven, various coil material can be dried, is an ideal common drying equipment.


Hot air circulation oven structure:

Hot air circulating oven made of angle steel, stainless steel and cold steel constitute. Is padded by high density aluminium silicate wool insulation layer, insulation of high density aluminum silicate cotton ensures that the oven, ensure the safety of users. Installation location the heater but the bottom, top or sides. (We have on both sides was heated on both sides, edges are heated) with digital smart meters to control temperature.

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