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Ten development scenarios of automatic spraying equipment, you have to know!



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2021-06-17 19:38



After the reform and opening up, the automatic spraying equipment is a product of the environment where the development of industrial technology and automation are becoming more and more common. With the increasing degree of automation, the application of spraying production lines has become more and more extensive, and has penetrated into many areas of the national economy. According to the degree of automation, the spraying equipment on the market can be divided into three types: manual spraying equipment, semi-automatic spraying equipment and fully automatic spraying equipment.

Introduction to automatic spraying equipment: spraying equipment is also called coating equipment. Specifically define special tools for covering metal and non-metal surfaces with protective or decorative layers.

The history of the development of automatic spraying equipment: In ancient my country, people were able to dye clothes, porcelain, and porcelain with natural dyes for a long time. It can be said that the spraying tool used at that time was a brush, artificial.

With the development of industrial technology, pure handwork can no longer meet the needs of the market. Spraying has developed from manual to industrial automation, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the application of spraying production lines has become more and more extensive, and Many areas of the national economy. In our country, especially after the reform and opening up, spraying equipment has made great progress

Classification of automatic spraying equipment:

The materials for spraying materials are divided into three types: metal spraying equipment, plastic spraying equipment, wood spraying equipment, porcelain spraying equipment

From the degree of automation: manual spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment

The sprayed oil is divided into: paint spraying equipment, powder spraying equipment

Development of automatic spraying equipment industry:

Automatic spraying equipment With the introduction of foreign technology and the improvement of domestic research and development capabilities, the number of automatic spraying equipment manufacturers is increasing, which greatly reduces the level of differentiation of domestic automatic spraying equipment.

Automatic spraying equipment price:

The price of automatic spraying equipment is different. For example, the automatic spraying equipment produced by Zhongjijia spraying equipment is a non-standard customized product, which can be customized according to customer needs. This is more flexible in terms of design and procurement of raw materials, and can be used to a greater extent. Tailored by customers.

Spraying equipment generally includes

1. Air compressor (air compressor) 2. Air pipe 3, joint 4, valve 5, triple piece 6, pneumatic motor 7, pneumatic mixer 8, pneumatic diaphragm pump 9, airless spraying 10, spray gun 11, muffler 12, Pressure barrel 13, Fan Er

Automatic spraying equipment

The waterproof treatment of bridge surfaces in railways and highways is one of the important factors to maintain the durability of bridges. Therefore, in the construction of a large number of national railway and highway networks in the early stage, it is necessary to spray a large area of ​​waterproof coating on the surface of the bridge. In the prior art, a construction worker is used to control a spraying machine for spraying, that is, the spraying machine is placed on a vehicle, and the sprayer is operated by the person on the vehicle to control the spraying of the spraying machine. This spraying method mainly has the following shortcomings: one is the labor intensity, low efficiency, and large number of construction workers, which cannot meet the requirements of large-area construction operations; the second is the unstable quality of the coating, poor uniformity, and waste of paint; the third is precision The performance is low, and the spraying quality is completely controlled by manpower and experience.

An automatic spraying equipment, which solves the problems of high labor intensity, low efficiency, large number of people, unstable coating quality, poor uniformity, waste of paint, etc. in the existing construction personnel controlling the spraying machine for spraying. The automatic spraying equipment includes a motor vehicle that can run on the ground and an automatic lateral spraying device suspended at the rear of the motor vehicle. The motor vehicle is equipped with controls for controlling the longitudinal uniform movement of the motor vehicle and controlling the automatic lateral spraying device for lateral spraying. system. The automatic spraying equipment can automatically spray a large area according to the set parameters, reduce the number of workers, and have high spraying efficiency; the spraying quality is stable and uniform.


The surface painting equipment process of the motor has always been carried out according to the method of "painting of tropical electrical products" (that is, the second epoxy iron red primer plus the second amino alkyd baking paint), the first iron red primer is not baked , Because the mechanical processing is required after painting, and there is a long time interval between applying the second primer, and there is enough time to dry. Therefore, the first primer was not baked, and the second primer was carried out after the installation test was completed. The second primer and the last two amino baking paints were baked, and they were all carried out according to this process before. what is the problem

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