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How to distinguish semi-automatic and fully automated assembly line equipment



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2021-06-17 19:39



Assembly line equipment refers to the general name of conveyor line equipment and automation equipment used for product production and assembly. The industrial field has a wide range of applications, such as: food processing industry, electronic product production industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, hardware industry, electromechanical equipment, forklift trucks, water pump motors, high voltage electrical appliances, circuit breakers, new energy vehicles, etc., assembly lines, Assembling conveyor lines, assembly lines, and assembly line equipment are divided into many different production forms due to different application industries and products.

There are two production methods used in assembly line equipment: fully automatic assembly production line and semi-automatic assembly production line. Full-automatic assembly production requires that from feeding production to assembly completion, the entire production process does not require manual involvement. As long as the production personnel ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and timely solve the material jams and other non-mechanical failures during the operation of the equipment, this assembly line equipment is also called a fully automatic assembly machine.

The semi-automatic assembly line requires manual assembly. This assembly method is more common in industries such as food processing and electronic products. Semi-automatic assembly production lines are divided into belt assembly lines, plate chain assembly lines, and double-speed chain assembly lines. Roller assembly line, roller conveyor assembly line, suspended conveying assembly line, workbench and other production equipment are combined together. Belt assembly line, plate chain assembly line, double-speed chain assembly line, drum assembly line, roller conveyor assembly line. The suspended conveying assembly line conveys the products to the workbench. Then the staff responsible for the assembly will complete the assembly.

The automated production line includes a belt assembly line, a plate chain assembly line, a double-speed chain assembly line, a drum assembly line, a roller assembly line, and a handling robot is integrated outside the suspension conveyor assembly line. Vacuum suction crane, balance crane, automatic screwdriver, automatic milling machine, automatic planer, automatic coding machine and other third-party automated non-standard equipment.

Fully automatic assembly production line or semi-automatic assembly production line, each has its own advantages, it needs to be preferably used in different industries and different occasions. After the assembly line is applied, production is planned reasonably, and the equipment is checked and maintained regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve production efficiency.

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