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The development prospects of automated assembly lines



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2021-06-17 19:39



1. Overview, automated assembly line equipment

The production of automatic assembly line equipment is not as simple as standard equipment. The development of ordinary automobile assembly line equipment is mature. According to a specific process, according to the production site, the production and processing characteristics of automatic assembly line equipment are designed for automatic assembly line products. Automatic assembly line can refer to equipment. There is no specific model, and the design of the automatic assembly line must be based on the production requirements.

2. The development prospects of automatic assembly line equipment

The main function is to improve the production efficiency of automatic production assembly line equipment, automatic assembly line and product quality, automatic assembly production line labor cost saving, from rough turning to intensification caused by various factors, automatic assembly line, automatic assembly line, enterprise development, automatic Automatic production line equipment for assembly line production cannot be used. Automatic assembly production line equipment is a widely used automatic assembly production line to meet the different needs of enterprises. The power of automated assembly lines is indispensable for the realization of industrial automation.

Third, the application of automatic assembly line equipment in the industry

Automatic assembly line manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry, automated assembly lines, especially industries, automated assembly lines, because many product manufacturers have different, automatic assembly production lines, the production and assembly processes are different, automatic assembly production line market competition urges enterprises to continue to pursue Innovation, new products and new technologies of automatic production lines, these are the requirements of automated assembly line production that are not suitable for ordinary automatic assembly line equipment.

Features of the assembly line

1. The assembly line has a high degree of specialization.

2. The production line is a closed process. According to the sequence of the process assembly line, the assembly line is a one-way movement process between labor objects.

3. The processing time of each process of the production line is consistent with their work ratio.

4. The production of each process of the assembly line is based on a unified beat. The so-called defeat of the assembly line means

The time interval between two adjacent product yields.

The form of the assembly line

1. The line moves according to the object, and the production line can be divided into a fixed line and a moving line.

2. According to the number of production lines, the production line can be divided into single species line and various lines.

3. According to the degree of continuous production, the production line can be divided into straight line and discontinuous line.

4. Rhythm is realized in the way of assembly line. The line can be divided into mandatory line and free assembly line.

5. According to the degree of mechanization, the production line can be divided into three lines: manual, mechanized and automated.