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The treatment method and function of the pre-treatment of the spray line



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2021-06-17 19:38



In the coating industry, the pre-coating process is called pretreatment, surface treatment, degreasing treatment, phosphating treatment, passivation treatment and many other terms with the same meaning.

Among them, surface treatment has the broadest meaning, including electroplating, coating, conversion film, rust prevention and heat treatment, etc.

. Degreasing. Phosphating treatment is the name of a process of pre-painting treatment. The exact name is pre-painting treatment (commonly known as pre-paint treatment).

Abbreviated as pre-processing, the equipment used is called pre-processing equipment, or pre-processing device.

Pretreatment before painting is the basic work. It has a great influence on the quality of the entire coating. Can not be ignored.

The surface treatment process before painting includes: removing all kinds of dirt on the surface of the coated object (such as rust, oxide scale, welding slag dust, oil stain, old paint, etc.).

Carry out various chemical treatments (such as phosphating treatment, oxidation treatment, flame treatment of plastic parts, etc.) on the cleaned and clean coated surface; and use mechanical methods to eliminate defects on the coated surface or meet the requirements Three aspects of surface roughness. Improve paint film adhesion and corrosion resistance through the surface treatment process before painting.

In the modern industrial coating line with large-scale production, the backward processes such as pickling, putty scraping, and polishing have been eliminated. Starting from the selection of raw materials, rust prevention and anti-collision management in the entire process of strengthening product processing are adopted ( Or set up shot blasting equipment for descaling, descaling and welding slag instead of pickling process).

Measures such as improving the processing accuracy to ensure that the "white parts" entering the paint shop are free of rust, oxide scale and welding slag, and the geometric shape and flatness (including surface roughness) are qualified.

Therefore, phosphating treatment. Passivation treatment has become the mainstream of today's metal coating pretreatment.

The pretreatment of coating is to adjust or treat the surface of the substrate to be coated according to the coating requirements.

According to the method of coating and pre-treatment, it can be divided into various pre-treatment methods.

Table 2-1 Pre-treatment methods Item types (methods) to be coated Steel (steel plates, castings and forgings), non-ferrous metals, plastics, and wood processing methods spraying and dipping.

①Half immersion, half spray. Brush. Wash.

②Dipping, spraying combined with the conveying method of the coated object is continuous (catenary type, swing rod type, rotary conveyor), intermittent continuous type, plate type (or net type) conveyor.

①It refers to the spray treatment on the upper part of the coating and the immersion treatment on the lower part.

② Refers to some processes. Use impregnation. Treatment methods. Some processes use spraying.