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Five key factors for choosing water-based wood paint spraying equipment?



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2021-06-17 19:39



Water-based wood paint spraying equipment is very important. Do you know the five key factors for choosing?
In the coating process of water-based wood paint furniture, the choice of suitable spraying equipment has a great influence on the effect and cost of the coating. How to choose water-based wood paint spraying equipment, there are five key choices:
1. The nature of water-based wood paint itself
Including viscosity, filler composition and solid content, and the available time of the coating. Generally speaking, the lower the viscosity of water-based wood paint, the greater the range of available equipment. Air spraying and medium-pressure mixed air spraying are both good coating methods. However, when the viscosity of water-based wood paint increases, generally more than 45 seconds, the atomization effect of air spraying is not ideal, and the air pressure needs to be increased to increase the atomization effect. Therefore, when spraying water-based wood paint with a relatively high viscosity, air spraying is generally not considered
2. Water-based wood paint furniture spraying process requirements
For furniture spraying, different types of furniture have different quality requirements, and different process sections have different quality requirements. Conventionally, the better the atomization effect of the spray gun, the better the spraying effect. For various equipment for furniture spraying, the atomization effect can be arranged from good to bad: air spray, HVLP, mixed air spray, AA assisted spray, high pressure airless. Air spraying and HVLP can be used in various process sections of furniture spraying (including color repair), mixed air spraying and AA-assisted spraying are suitable for the primer and topcoat spraying of furniture. The choice of spraying should be decided according to each construction section.
3. Water-based wood paint furniture spraying construction efficiency
Due to the different atomization methods of various spraying equipment, the construction efficiency is also very different. In furniture painting, under the premise of meeting the spraying quality, the production efficiency of air spraying can reach 600 cc per minute, and the production efficiency of mixed air spraying can reach 1000 cc per minute.
4. Water-based wood paint furniture painting cost
In the production of furniture, most manufacturers use manual spraying to produce the same products, and the coating costs of different manufacturers are quite different. The main influencing factors are the operating level of the workers, the type of jet equipment, the cost of paint, etc. Among them, the cost of water-based wood paint can be regarded as a fixed cost, and the biggest impact on the cost of water-based wood paint coating is the level of operation of the staff and the type of spraying equipment. The high level of operation can ensure the first-time yield, reduce repairs, and save production costs. The appropriate choice of spraying equipment can effectively ensure the production quality and improve the utilization rate of coatings. For the types of spraying equipment commonly used in furniture spraying, an arrangement of paint utilization rates from high to low is as follows: electrostatic mixed spray (98%), electrostatic Air spray (80%), medium pressure mixed air spray (80%), air spray (40%). It can be seen that if different equipment is used to spray the same product, the cost of paint consumption will be quite different.
5. The operability of water-based wood paint furniture coating equipment
The furniture industry usually uses manual spraying, and the operability of the equipment is also a factor that must be paid attention to. Generally speaking, the operability of a good spraying equipment should be easy to operate, easy to learn, convenient and quick to maintain, and help reduce the labor intensity of workers. The operating requirements for various furniture spraying equipment are different due to their own equipment. For example, air spraying is relatively flexible and convenient due to the soft tube, while the high-pressure airless spray gun is relatively hard because the paint tube needs to withstand pressure, and the length of spraying is determined by the nozzle model