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Spray paint production line_correct use of spray equipment



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2021-06-17 19:39



Zhongjijia teaches you how to use spraying equipment correctly? Let me briefly introduce to you today.

The water curtain spray booth is simple and practical, and has been widely used in spray paint production lines. The front part of the water curtain spraying room is a water curtain board, and there is an overflow groove on the water curtain board. During the construction process, the workpiece is sent to the spray room through a suspended conveyor chain. When the operator sprays the workpiece with a handheld electrostatic spray gun or a fixed rotating cup spray gun, the airflow will suck the mist from the overspray and enter the spray booth.

First, it is connected with the water curtain on the water curtain platform and cleaned in the sink. After being purified by the multi-stage water curtain, the remaining paint mist is completely intercepted by the water.

Once the paint mist is removed, the airflow passes through the gas-water separation device to remove peculiar smells, and the purified gas is finally discharged to the outside. The paint mist captured by the water curtain flows into the water storage tank together with the water flow, and is sucked and filtered by the water pump. The paint residue floats on the water surface. Under the action of the paint flocculant added to the pool, it condenses into loose clumps , It can be removed and placed in a container for treatment to keep the water clean. Through the functions of the water curtain spraying room and auxiliary equipment, the purpose of spraying the workpiece and purifying the paint mist can be ideally completed.