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The development trend of painting equipment and its application in the automotive industry



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2021-06-17 19:40



Fully automated paint spraying equipment, not only fast production speed, less investment, quick results, less space, one-button start, simple operation, saving labor, saving production time, traditional manual spraying will be replaced by smarter equipment.

Fully automated painting equipment, the recovery of the global manufacturing industry, especially the strong demand in the automotive, aircraft, electronics, electrical appliances and other industries, promote the growth of the surface treatment industry. Manufacturing industries such as electronics, automobiles, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, light industry, and machinery are trending towards automation and high-end technology development, constantly improving and improving the level of production processes and technical equipment. The application fields of the supporting surface treatment industry are expanding, and the future output value and profit Great room for improvement.

The purpose of painting by fully automated painting equipment takes the automotive industry as an example:

1 protection

From the main point of view, 90% of the cars are made of steel. If you don't paint the cars, you can imagine. The life of the car is greatly reduced, and all kinds of corrosion occur unexpectedly, so it is necessary to paint the car. All car paintings have anti-corrosion effects.

2 aesthetic visual effects

Everyone has a different aesthetic point of view, so to see the colorful cars on the street, yes, yes, it is to enhance the role of compelling. Your painting is at the forefront of the trend, and the paint you use is super local, and without exception, it enhances the compelling character of the car owner. Of course, there are also people who paint tigers but do not become anti-dogs. If they fail, they will do it by themselves.

3 value role

With the birth of the car, human beings continue to demand values ​​for the color of the car, including different paint varieties, and there have been great improvements in the coating technology. For example, when you go to 4S station to buy a car, the price of the same type of car paint varies. Generally, metallic paint and pearl paint are 1,000 to 3,000 yuan higher than plain paint, depending on the brand value of the car.

4 Identification

In a broad sense, everything is distinguished, and the color of the car body reflects different uses. Including the international use of colors to distinguish things. Examples include military vehicles, engineering vehicles, and fire trucks used by the army.

In the automotive industry, the quality of the exterior paint of the car body is one of the most important indicators of the quality of the vehicle, because the surface of the body paint not only protects the car compartment from corrosion, but also has a very important impact on the beautification of the car.

The rapid development of Zhongjijia will further promote the exchange and cooperation between China's surface treatment technology and the world's counterparts in coating; promote China to play a substantive role in international trade, market expansion, industrial investment, and technology research and development.